Tear Stimulation Dry Eye Drops: Dry eye is a chronic condition expressed as the inactivity in producing any of the components of the three film layers or in maintaining cell health on the corneal surface. Our treatment strategy is to stimulate and support the tissues, organs and functions which produce a healthy tear film and maintain corneal health. Sterile, non-preserved, pH balanced, isotonic ophthalmic solution containing seven homeopathic active ingredients, micro-diluted and homeopathically potentized between 5x and 12x. The homeopathic micro dilution gently triggers the body to react with its own natural mechanisms to moisturize.

Allergy Drops:
“Allergy Eye Drops” stop allergy symptoms such as itching, burning, watering, edema and general ocular sensitivity. The drops are a sterile, non-preserved, pH balanced, isotonic solution containing four homeopathic active ingredients. Note that suppressing symptoms with steroids, mast cell stabilizers and antihistamines hinders the same processes which the body uses to fight bacteria and viruses. For non-allergic watering (tearing) secondary to dry eye dispense our “Tear Stimulation Dry Eye Drops.”

Cataract Drops:
There are no blood vessels to the crystalline lens and the lens is comprised of living cells which need oxygen, nutrition, detoxification and anti-oxidation. Our treatment strategy is to stimulate and support the body’s tissues, organs and functions which keep the lens healthy. Homeopathic Cineraria is a safe lymphagogue that gently triggers the body’s mechanisms to maintain a clear crystalline lens.

Ortho-K Thin(Day) & Ortho-K Thick(Night) Drops:
These drops contain powerful ingredients to stimulate tear film production, counteract irritation, halt allergies and reduce foreign body sensation. Homeopathic Calendula is known to support corneal health and is indicated for corneal abrasions and erosions.

Veterinary Testimonials

“My eye doctor gave me your eye drops to try. I loved them. They worked so well for me that I decided to try them on my dog who has a chronic problem with dry eyes. They did fantastic.”D.P.R. 

“I received some samples of the Natural Ophthalmics Female eye drops for dry eye and decided to use it on my little new rescue who had a Schirmer value of 13mm in one eye and 15mm in the other. I gave the drops on a hit or miss basis for about 3 months. When she returned to the ophthalmologist 6 months after the last dosing, her values were 26 and 24mm respectively. It is nice in this case that an impartial third party who is not holistic was the one to document this. I have at least one client I can recall who has used the “allergy” drops successfully in her dogs. I have purchased more products from Natural Ophthalmics and will try them on other patients.”Dr. I. R. DVM, Fort Meyers, FL 

“We use the dry eye drops, and feel that it “holds the line” on our moderate cases. The patients certainly seem to be more comfortable, and they are certainly cost effective, so we feel that they are worth trying before we go to more suppressive therapies, like the cyclosporines.”Dr. P. J. B., DVM, Van Buren, AR 

“We recently purchased the Cataract Eye drops with Cineraria to try on some of our patients. We had one dog in particular that responded Extremely well after only a few days. We have been recommending this product to all of our patients with eye problems. Thank You for a wonderful product!!”Dr. A.W. DVM, Randallstown, MD