Natural Ophthalmics has both homeopathic and nutraceutical products. Homeopathic medicines are regulated by the FDA as drugs dictated by the guidelines of the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS).

In general, the Homeopathic FDA guidelines require that all ingredients in homeopathic medication be referenced in the homeopathic Materia Medicas and be manufactured according to the HPUS guidelines.

The Dietary Supplement Act dictates vitamin regulations, labeling and claims.
The Dietary Supplement Act imposes requirements on manufacturers to utilize approved ingredients in safe dosages, to label the products properly and not to make misleading claims as to the effects or benefits of certain products or ingredients.

Natural Ophthalmics is registered with the FDA as a drug establishment with a National Drug Code Number (NDC #) of 68770. All products are manufactured and labeled in accordance with these FDA and HPUS guidelines.