Total Ocular Function Oral Absorption Spray

Q: How do you take the spray?

Spray towards the back and roof of your mouth. In order to raise the blood levels of nutrients and keep them higher all day long it is best to take two sprays three times per day.

Q: Why is oral absorption so important?

After the age of forty our digestive acids decrease and nutrients are not broken down and absorbed as well. Also, people who have had antibiotics do not have enough probiotic cultures in their intestines to assist absorption. Oral absorption solves this problem.

Q: What is this spray?

The Total Ocular Function Spray (OFS) is a blend of the eleven most important and powerful nutraceuticals for the eye. The nutrients absorb directly through the mouth into the blood stream so you get several times higher blood levels than when swallowing capsules. For example, the spray delivers 10 mg of Lutein in one dose – you would have to take about 60 mg. via a capsule to get the same blood levels.